A very successful day!

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It’s been a long day today, but I’ve achieved a fair bit., I’ve…

Recorded a live acoustic version of my d├ębut single Don’t Be No Fake (Brave Face)

I managed to record a live acoustic version of Brave Face for YouTube. I filmed and edited it myself which was fun but I’m a little disappointed with the outcome. I can be quite a perfectionist but in the end I just decided to get this one finished and move on. There’ll be better content coming soon and this one serves its purpose! I will definitely be employing the help of others in the future though, even for small projects like this one.

Watch The Live Version Of Brave Face On YouTube

Got a full version of my website up and running

My web guy, James Cooper (JPC Design), completed the first full version of my site (which you are probably on right now if you are reading this). It looks and feels awesome, has great functionality, and will hopefully be an excellent source of information about my music, and for you to leave your thoughts and comments etc,. More than that though, I want it to be the place where I can converse with people!

Visit James Cooper’s Website

Visit Adrian Hayward’s Website

Created a new YouTube channel

I set up my old YouTube channel in a hurry and gave it a name that I didn’t want to be stuck with forever, so I’ve shut that one down. I’ve created a new one and put my promo film back up there. I’ve also uploaded the acoustic version of Brave Face as well. I’d love to hear your suggestions of other content you’d like to see on my YouTube channel. You can use the contact page for any communications!

YouTube Name: AhaywardMusic

Visit Adrian Hayward’s YouTube Channel

Oh yeah… and wrote my first blog post.

Good night!

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Briliant to hear someone sing about something that we all experience but don’t tend to talk about! Awesome sounding song. sweedaz

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